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  • All fencing must comply with Australian Standards
  • All fences, gates, latches should be checked regularly to ensure in working order
  • Safety Latch must be installed on a pool gate to prevent children from getting access
  • There must be no objects next to the pool where children can gain access
  • All gaps in fencing must not exceed 100mm pool safety
  • Minimum height that complies is 1200mm
  • Gates must open outward and remain locked when not in use


  • Fence the pool
  • Shut the gate
  • Teach your kids to swim-it’s great
  • Supervise – watch your mate and;
  • Learn how to resuscitate


Fencing must be washed down with soapy water and rinsed regularly to avoid any issues and protect your warranty. If you live in coastal areas this must be done a lot more frequently. Spray hinges and latches periodically with a CRC spray to ensure they are working properly.